Meet Bill Couch - Master Builder

Bill was born and raised in a Chicago Suburb and was by birthright influenced by his father who was a custom home-builder as well.  Knowledge passed from his father to a teenager allowed Bill to become a carpenter by the age of 20 with a strong work ethic and knowledge to build nice things by an early age.  He went on to study engineering, where he mastered the technical aspects of building with high level mathematics and physics versus guess work.  Most important to anyone considering the purchase of an estate home is to find someone who has already built a master piece home instead of being their guinea pig on their way to mastery. Bill has worked in partnership with some of the Colorado Foothills' most renowned custom home and estate builders over the years. At the forefront of his ventures are projects on which he has partnered with David Williams. For the past 10 years, Bill has worked with Dave on a wide portfolio of projects ranging from an expansive ranch estate with many unique buildings nestled in a valley of the foothills to his more recent palatial mountaintop masterpiece. Lifelong learners are accomplished at any task with enough failure to back up their successes.  Not the case here.  These are experiences that occurred through the learning process with years of incrementally challenging builds.  The world of materials and technologies changes all the time.

Bill Couch and his family enjoying a day in Georgetown, CO

Finding someone who can stay abreast of these technologies within practical experiences on a job site is at the essence of what makes Bill special. Traditional building materials do not apply to estate properties.  Creating a luxury estate in a stately fashion without importing materials from around the globe is also important.    Many people think of a builder as an assembler,  Bill untangles the vast project road map with project accuracy and precision daily while working with state of the art craftsman to handcraft railings, fixtures, and decorate corners with precast fittings via crane against a limestone face,  along with marble spiral staircases that are on par with the great stairwells of Europe.

The whole willingness to put together a masterpiece home takes a special individual who can nurture the relationship with you the client through the winters when major milestones are being challenged by inclimate weather.

The whole process of starting an estate quality build starts with a simple phone call.  Bill is busy, but can always establish an appointment with all interested buyers.   The messages will be returned.    You won't regret your decision to secure your place in line to have your dream estate built by the best.   The message doesn't have to be anything more than we admire your work and would like to learn more.

Take some time to look through some of the images in the gallery and you will see that this is no ordinary craftsman.   No matter if it's a private estate chapel, indoor swimming pool addition,  outdoor tennis complex, or a private mountain retreat Couch Builders Inc. should be your first choice.   Bill Couch is one of America's great Estate Builders and probably the finest example of what one man can create with his team when he's handed enough money to create a who's who slate of satisifed homeowners with some of the finest examples of American architecture and design.

If you are worried about the character of your future builder. Consider these facts. He's been happily married to his wife of 17 years along with two childen and live together in Evergreen, Colorado.  He's actively engaged in volunteer activities within the Boy  and Cub Scouts groups in Evergreen.  He's also an active outdoorsman and musician with a penchant to pick up a guitar and play with a garage band on occasion.

One of the most over used expressions to describe people these days is the term "renaissance man".  Would Bill be able to build the Sistine Chapel if he had the budget and materials available?  My guess is that he'd probably do it in a fraction of the time considering our building technology is substantially better.

Few building artisans of our time could actually compare their work with structures that pre-dated power tools,  such as during the days of the Great Gatsby or at the turn of the 20th century.  Influenced by the Biltmore Estate his latest project takes the old world charm of the French Chateaus to transform a mountainside into a sanctuary looking out at unobstructed views of Colorado rocky mountain peaks.   The setting would not be possible without extensive knowledge of mountain building conditions which Bill's mastered through years of practical experiences in the Evergreen, Colorado area.

The whole counter argument to using someone with Bill's skill is that he's probably too expensive for your project. Well the reality is that with his experience he's learned productivity like few builders would in their lifetime due to the nature of projects he's been involved with.

That translates to reduced material cost and time which in the end equates to only one thing. Savings. So think again. Why would you not call Bill if you desire a dream home in Colorado?